As a member of the European Union, the Czech Republic has retained its relatively low labor costs, yet superior engineering skills, and is able to pass these savings on to you abroad. Working in numerous software packages enables us to assist most anyone with their design needs. From piping to modeling, 3D and FEM, MR engineers are the choice for those looking to outsource and save.

Additionally, while many firms feel the need to ‘in-house’ design experts, the cost of keeping designers on board verses the ROI has led many to look at other options. With secure transactions, time-kept contractual obligations, and open lines of communications in any number of languages, we can solve your design needs at a fraction of the cost you pay in your native land.

Additionally, we can manufacture parts and have them shipped directly to you, making for a win-win situation. No more expensive designers to keep on the books, coupled with lower manufacturing costs make us the choice of many an international firm, contact us for a list of references.