Part 21

Part 21-ADOA approved

Alternative Design Organization Approval (ADOA)

On September 28th, 2003, the EASA agency took over responsibility for the airworthiness and environmental certification of all aeronautical products, parts, and appliances designed, manufactured, maintained or used by persons under the regulatory oversight of EU Member States.

The Agency’s Certification work also includes all post-certification activities, such as the approval of changes to, and repairs of, aeronautical products and their components, as well as the issuing of airworthiness directives to correct any potentially unsafe situation. All type-certificates are therefore now issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency and are valid throughout the European Union.

On the same date the Agency became the competent authority to approve and oversee the organizations involved in the design of aeronautical products, parts and appliances. It also carries out the same role for foreign organizations involved in the manufacture or maintenance of such products.

Where we fit in:

As one of only a few organization’s within the country to hold this approval, our engineering and flight worthiness staff are in full swing to assist you with your modifications/STC, be it either a major or minor modification, to both rotorcraft and aircraft.

One of our largest domestic projects to date was to redesign the avionics and instrumentation panels for all the airplanes of the Czech military. MR engineers were able to successfully change the designs for the panels to bring the planes into accordance with NATO standards. In effect, using Solid Edge on this project allowed Miroslav Rusinak to assist the Czech government in meeting the requirements for joining the European Union.

Additionally, we can assist in transferring your FAA STC to EASA with the speed and ease of seasoned certified engineers.