Partner Siemens PLM Software

What's PLM Software?


PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) is the integration of data, processes, business systems and people within the extended enterprise environments into a single system. Software PLMumožňuje manage the information throughout the product lifecycle efficiently and with respect to costs, the process of creating ideas through design and production to its delivery and disposal.

Through PLM is to connect different features and technologies, including:

Product Lifecycle Management allows to realize innovation

PLM can be considered as for information and for corporate strategy. As an information strategy allows the creation of a coherent data structure by consolidating existing systems. As a business strategy enables global organizations to work in construction, manufacturing, and product support as one team, and also for future logging practices and knowledge gained. It allows your business to deliver consistent and informed decisions at all stages of the product lifecycle.

PLM solutions create a comprehensive platform for:

  • optimizing the relationship lifecycle and between organizations,
  • the introduction of a system of records various data so that the right people see the right information at the right time and in the right context,
  • maximizing the value of the product life cycle of your business,
  • achieving high profits through repeatable processes.