Fast, Easy and Accurate Biaxial Design and Anaylsis of Steel Base Plates

Award-winning RISABase is an advanced base plate and anchor bolt design program that offers new techniques for analyzing complex, two-way behavior of biaxial bending. This revolutionary software is the only program that brings the full power of the Finite Element Method to bear on the analysis of base plates. With its incredibly easy interface and advanced computational methods, RISABase is a base plate design tool of unparalleled power.

RISABase Features

When accuracy counts, RISABase delivers. RISABase uses an automated finite element solution to provide exact bearing pressures, plate stresses, and anchor bolt pull out capacities, eliminating the guess work of hand methods. Define bi-axial loads and eccentric column locations. Choose from several connection types and specify custom bolt locations.

Base Plate Design

  • Plate and bolt design per AISC 13th Edition criteria
  • Color-coded stress & bearing profiles


  • Customized report generation
  • Biaxial analysis, custom bolt locations, clearance checking, stiffeners, load reversal, etc.

Anchor Bolt Pull Out Capacity

  • Anchor bolt pull out capacity calcs per Appendix D of the ACI 05 code
  • Failure pyramid diagrams display the concrete breakout strength

You no longer have to rely on assumptions of rigidity and linear strain that were once necessary for hand methods. RISABase automatically solves the problem and gives you the results. Finally your base plate analysis can be as accurate as your frame analysis.

RISABase Specifications

  • Steel design dodes: AISC 13th LRFD & ASD, 9th ASD, 2nd LRFD
  • Concrete design Code: ACI 318-05
  • Fully customizable (create program defaults to match your common settings)
  • More than 20 different units available for display (imperial and metric)
  • Comprehensive column shape database including international shapes
  • Automatic baseplate size optimization based on specified max/min length, width, thickness
  • “Square Baseplate” option for easier fabrication
  • Finite element analysis of baseplate for the most realistic and accurate results
  • Rigid analysis option to match hand calculation results
  • Column eccentricity (from baseplate center)
  • Automatic allowable bearing pressure calculations per AISC
  • Stiffened connections using plates, clip angles, or channels
  • Custom anchor bolt layout (great for accommodating misplaced anchor bolts in the field)
  • Anchor bolt layout optimization (based on minimum spacings, edge distances)
  • Shear lug analysis
  • Anchor bolt strength checks for tension/shear per AISC
  • Anchor bolt pullout capacity calculated per ACI 318 Appendix D, considering all seven dominant failure modes (cone breakout, side face blowout, pryout, etc) including group failure calculations
  • Anchor bolt pullout seismic requirements checks and supplemental seismic reinforcement design
  • Biaxial loading and design for both shears and moments.
  • Uplift design
  • Load combination generator for five different codes, with load reversibility
  • Printable detail report lists all input and output (great for plan checking)
  • Color stress contours for bending/bearing stresses
  • Color bolt group failure diagrams for each failure mode