Risa Section

Making Complex Sections Simple

RISASection allows the user to define any type of complex cross section either by combining standard shapes or by defining new shapes. Multiple materials are permitted in the same section. RISASection calculates all the section properties, including the torsion constant. Sections created in RISASection may be used in RISA-3D, RISA-2D, and RISAFloor.

RISASection includes many powerful editing features such as automatic stacking and aligning, unlimited UNDOs, as well as the ability to create beautiful reports with cross section graphics and much more. The program supports imperial and metric units. When creating shapes you can use the convenient „snap to“ grid, or specify the coordinates of each shape directly. Of course, comprehensive online help is also included.

RISASection In-Depth

RISASectionRISASection calculates typical section properties for multi-material, built-up structural sections. Use the built-in database of standard concrete, hot rolled and cold formed steel sections, or modify standard shapes to create your own. Calculates transformed section properties for composite sections, including torsional constant. Export to RISA-3D, RISA-2D, and RISAFloor.

RISASection Features:

  • Powerful align, stack and rotate tools
  • Directly edit section dimensions or use the “snap-to-grid“ function
  • Powerful calculation engine
  • English or metric units
  • Versatile reporting options
  • Multiple materials in the same section
  • Sections can be imported into RISA-3D, RISA-2D and RISAFloor

RISASection Specifications

  • Sections can be created by combing basic concrete shapes, hot rolled steel shapes, cold formed steel shapes, HSS shapes and built-up shapes.
  • Section properties are computed immediately and are automatically updated after modification of the Section.
  • The program works with a completely interactive, graphical interface so you can easily edit the dimensions.
  • Geometric properties may be computed using gross section, homogeneous section, or on the basis of equivalent section.
  • The program works in mm, cm, m, inch and foot units
  • Complete integration with RISA-3D, RISAFloor and RISA-2D.
  • Multiple Sections can be defined and edited at the same time
  • The program shows the location of the centroid and overall size of Section
  • Different color is assigned to each type of Shape and may be modified by the user
  • A comprehensive report can be generated including summary of overall properties of each individual Shape in the Section.
  • The graphic view and the output show the shape and dimensions of the Shapes and Sections and also show the rendered, solid view.
  • Several sections can be defined in a single project/working file.
  • The program has extensive report generation facility to create professional looking calculation reports, with full formatting options
  • Graphic output can be obtained in various standard formats
  • Unlimited Undo option is available.

Calculated Properties

Property Label Description
Total Width and Height Total overall width and height of the section
Center, Xo Horizontal distance from the global X-axis origin to the centroid of the section
Center, Yo Vertical distance from the global Y-axis origin to the centroid of the section
X-bar (Right and Left) Distance from the centroid of the section to the extreme right and left fiber
Y-bar (Top and Bot) Distance from the centroid of the section to the extreme top and bottom fiber
Area, Ax Total area of the section
Inertia, Ixx and Iyy Moment of inertia about the global X and Y axes
Inertia, Ixy Polar moment of inertia
Torsional J Torsion constant
Sx (Top and Bot) Elastic section modulus of the extreme top and bottom fibers
Sy (Left and Right) Elastic section modulus of the extreme left and right fibers
rx and ry Radius of gyration about x and y
Plastic Zx and Zy Plastic section modulus about x and y