The First Choice for Masonry Design and Analysis

RISAMasonry offers a complete answer for analysis and design of masonry construction. RISAMasonry designs masonry walls, columns and beams (lintels) to the latest codes and includes a library of masonry units. The program addresses the working stress design of beams, columns and both in-plane and out-of-plane walls. The program designs slender walls using the iterative strength design method.

RISAMasonry supports both the UBC 97 and MSJC 02 (ACI/ASCE/TMS) codes. Work in any units system you like. Manage your entire project in one file, with as many independently designed beams, columns and walls as you need.

RISAMasonry will perform analysis and design on all types of walls, both in-plane or out-plane, reinforced or unreinforced, grouted, partially grouted or ungrouted. Both cracked and uncracked analysis is performed for in-plane shear walls. The software also performs T-Beam analysis for partially grouted transverse walls. RISAMasonry also considers arching of loads for lintels.

RISAMasonry Features

RISAMasonry is the tool of choice for structural engineers performing masonry design. Simple and straightforward, RISAMasonry includes the UBC97, MSJC 99 & 02 (ACI/ASCE/TMS) codes and a built-in library of masonry units. Out of the box, you can be designing masonry columns, beams (lintels), and walls within minutes.

With a familiar RISA interface, quickly design bearing walls, shear walls, and basement retaining walls (including slender wall design). RISAMasonry handles both cracked and uncracked analysis of in-plane shear walls, and performs T-beam analysis for partially grouted transverse walls.

And RISAMasonry doesn’t stop at walls. Design masonry columns, bond beams, and lintels in the same neat, component-driven interface. Apply eccentric loadings on columns and incorporate allowable stress reductions for columns in seismic zones. RISAMasonry even accounts for arching loads on lintels automatically.

Finally, select and print individual member reports including M & V diagrams, code checks, and design details, all while keeping your project organized – store and manage all of your masonry designs in a single file. With all of these features, it’s easy to see why RISAMasonry is quickly becoming the standard for masonry design.

RISAMasonry Specifications

  • Perform analysis and design of shear walls and out of plane walls, both reinforced and unreinforced, as well as grouted, partially grouted, or ungrouted
  • Perform analysis and design of masonry columns, bond beams and lintels
  • Design Codes: UBC 97, MSJC 99 & 02
  • High quality detail reports including axial, shear and moment diagrams, code checks, design values used and input information
  • Standard Metric & Standard Imperial units available, or a mixture of both; also allow you to switch between and convert units
  • Cracked and uncracked analysis for in plane shear walls.
  • Slender wall design option considering second order effects for out of plane walls
  • Allows for eccentric axial load applied to the top of your walls
  • T-Beam analysis for partially-grouted out of plane walls.
  • Consideration of arching action for lintel design
  • Ability to save multiple walls, columns and beams in the same file
  • Context-sensitive help file within the program with index
  • Tapered surface loads on out of plane walls
  • Constant in-stream error checking and data validation prevent user errors
  • Supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista