Femap is an advanced engineering analysis environment. Cost-effective, yet computationally CAD and neutral, and most globally recognized and popular computing environment for Nastran users. The program is widely used in companies belonging to the world-class in developing complex solutions such as aircraft, satellites, electronics, heavy equipment, marine equipment etc. Femap is highly cost-effective if it is integrated together with NX Nastran. But not only that, you can retrieve and manipulate data from all further mentioned FEM solvers, that's the strength and size of the program FEMAP. Femap is CAD independent. For software modeling kernel Parasolid allows for direct loading surfaces and solids. The program also includes a range of tools and downstream operations that can be applied to other uses geometry modeling kernel. From advanced beam modeling, surface extraction, simplifying the model and hex meshing, wide CAD import. Femap provides the flexibility to enter, modify and control loads, materials, analysis and results processing. Femap is the right tool that guides and helps to realize your business goals.

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