RISA-3D Tutorials

The RISA-3D online tutorials are intended to demonstrate the “real world” design process. This means we won’t just enter the data once, solve the model and miraculously have a completed design.

RISA-3D Masonry Wall Panel Tutorial

This tutorial will walk you through how to model, analyze and design a masonry wall including the lintel design.

How to Create a Portal Frame in RISA-3D

This step-by-step video walks you through building a portal frame within RISA-3D. Learn how to draw both the beam and the columns quickly.

How to Design Spread Footings within RISA-3D

This video demonstrates how to use RISAFoot’s spread footing design with the RISA-3D interface. Design both the structure and footings within one interface.

What are Physical Members?

Learn how to use physical members within RISA-3D to save modeling time and produce a realistic model.