System library

When creating a new report, generally avoided the use of similar assemblies, which to his mounting require specific adaptations to the surrounding parts. It is for these cases is determined by the function called Solid Edge System library. Within the system libraries can be defined as a group of parts and assemblies that will be inserted into the active assembly and design features that ensure treatment of the surrounding parts. 

Using predefined constraints placed into the system library assembly.

 Systemova_knihovna_2Along with the subassembly transformer to the main assembly also added fasteners.

 Systemova_knihovna_3The lower cover has been automatically to cut the vents and the addition of structural elements - struts.

Testing assemblies

 Testovani Alternate assemblies or an alternate position assemblies will be used in testing the various configurations tested products. Of course there is a follow-up drawings.

Large assemblies


Solid Edge allows you to work on very large systems without loss of performance on relatively modest hardware. This is achieved by combining several highly effective technologies that provide full control over the load memory via the method of loading the assembly structure and their individual components.

Display configuration reports can be stored and if necessary again to leave recall. Extensive report can be divided into so-called. The zones to facilitate the work dynamically distribute the report to the user defi ned areas. The individual components are added to Zone display or from collected automatically depending on its current
position. The user chooses which part of the report actually wants to work, and part outside the selected zones are not loaded into memory.

Solid Edge CAD tool to work on assemblies

JT_data In today's global society is great emphasis on tools for the exchange and sharing of data. Siemens PLM Software has published generic JT, which represents the ideal platform for data exchange between different CAD systems. JT files can be equipped with all the necessary information and it depends on the user how he chooses to use them. Different combinations of deposit geometry, assembly structure and information kusovníkových allow you to share this data among other users with respect to providing only the necessary informací.Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology for the design, assembly Files are treated JT analogy with their own format.

upinaci_pripravek Hence, you can directly insert into assemblies, tools synchronous technology to edit directly from the report, pozicovat is using standard tools, collision check and let listing in BOMs. Solid Edge is the CAD-neutral by this tool for the design of assemblies of parts and assemblies created in different CAD systems. You can also work with data interchange format, or native format to another application. Solid Edge offers a variety of filtration for loading and saving data in different formats.

Display reference parts

15An advantage of working in drawings of assemblies in Solid Edge's ability to display the components differently. The picture with the gears clearly visible display simplified and full representation in the various views. Transmission housing can for preview purposes of internal components can display as transparent. Automatically follows portray reference parts.