Drawing documentation

Use of existing 2D documentation

The value of 2D drawings can maximize since Solid Edge fully processed 2D drawings DWG, DXF, DGN, IGES, including importing blocks, layers, colors and line types, hatches etc. Drawings can be left in a 2D format, or convert them into associative 3D designs. You can be driving dimensions which are also translated, change easily.

2D documentation from 3D PMI views

vykres4Solid Edge users can take full advantage of the full description of the product already in 3D. In the model, you can create named views and those assigned dimensions, annotations, tolerances, processing, etc. In case you have set the standards for drawing drawings relating to the setting, layout views, entering data, making lists and the like, the creation of drawings almost automatic process. Similar drawings in Solid Edge can be created without that you draw a single line.

vykres2Automatic part list generation

Thanks to automatically generated parts list can easily manage designs containing thousands of components. The appearance and content of the parts list is completely adjustable to user habits. Solid Edge significantly reduces the time required to prepare engineering drawings parts list data and positions, and minimizes the risk of errors.

Change tracking

Any change made in Solid Edge is reflected in all associated views, sheets, spreadsheets and bills of materials. All drawing views, dimensions and annotations will therefore be updated automatically or sequentially as desired by the user. The record of changes and revisions, including their indexation are automatically stored in the system.

Rapid creation drawings of large assemblies

Solid Edge now incorporates a range of cutting-edge technologies that facilitate and accelerate the creation of drawings of large assemblies. From lightweight components also configurations optimized views to the ability to create drawing views in preview quality from simplified assemblies, the user has always full control over your computer and load it can choose the most optimal way to render the report. Creating sections, eventually decays detail assemblies in Solid Edge is a matter of a few mouse clicks.