Feature Overview Solid Edge ST

Free Solid Edge 2D Drafting

Fully integrated environment to work in 2D
Import 2D drawings (DWG, DXF, DGN, 2D-IGES)
Using 2D drawings for easy creation of 3D models

Synchronous technology

Dimension 3D geometry governing body
Modelling using elements of independent history
procedural elements
Tools to easily customize the shape using active
Links for 3D solid geometry definition of addiction
Analogy command stretch in 3D using active
Rules of parts and assemblies
Disconnecting the geometry of the body and its reuse
Transferring selected geometry to another file
Tools to automate the selection of geometry

Part modeling

3D solid and surface modeling
Rapid Blue technology for modeling the general areas
Direct editing of model geometry
Boolean operations and utilizing areas
Grouping for better orientation in the feature tree
The library design elements and groups
Multiplication of elements according to curves
Superprvky for quick and easy modeling of complex units
Functions for plastic components - Rib, Ribs, Lem, Boss ...
Dividing the curve and dividing face
Draft Analysis and curvature surfaces, zebra stripes and crest

Modeling of Sheet Metal

Sweeps between profiles with the possibility of creating a triangulation
Line successive bends
Technology-specific functions such as Lem, Straighten
Composition and bend, cut perpendicular to the surface ...
Reinforcement of bends, Cross-strut plates
Lem and shaped bend along a curved edge with support
Design elements for creating recesses and ventilating
Closing the corner with the different options
Converting thin-walled body on the tin
Associative unfolding (including imported models)
with integrated control of external dimensions
Felling geometry in the flat for easier manufacturability
Layer Settings when saving a flat pattern DXF

Recognizing structural elements on imported geometry

Recognizing structural elements on imported
Automatic and manual mode

PMI - Manufacturing Information
Creating dimensions and notes in 3D models of parts and assemblies
Full compliance with the ASME Y14.41
Views of the model manages the visibility cuts, notes and dimensions - used in drawings
Description with reference to properties of files

Bent pipes, pipe systems

Semi-automatic and manual creation trajectory pipeline
Generating manufacturing report for bends
Measuring the total length used for semi
Definitions of different endings

Cable ties

Bidirectional links with eCAD products
Automated process guide
frame structures
The library of standard and user profiles
Automatic termination profiles


Machining of components prior to welding
modeling welds
Working after welding
Associative weld marks in drawings

Forms plastic moldings

The auto and manual creation of parting
Multiple components in a single cartridge, mirroring, rotation,
Support for working with shaped inserts and slides
Automated creation of various types of gates
Automated creation cooling
Support for popular standards for construction
molds and components - possibility to define user
Wizard for creating electrodes


Automatic creation of kinematic linkages by bonds
in the assembly
Interference Checking
Checking the minimum distance
The output of animations to AVI file

Stress analysis

Femap Express integrated solution
process guide
Semi create midsurface

Publishing on the Internet

Automatically publish parts, assemblies and attributes

Drawing documentation

Rapid opening of a drawing without checking with model
Editing - suitable for viewing and printing drawings
large assembly
Support levels, blocks and notes
Associative views with full control display
part assemblies
Updating a user management perspective
Cut, cross-fledged cut, partial cut - use
Full-definition components of the model
Detail, detail independent; Any border perspective
and detail; Cutaway view
Using the cuts made in 3D Drawing
a 2D documentation
The model view PMI associative with the definition in 3D
engineering symbols
Preview quality drawing views for quick
drawing generation
Full-fledged 2D drawing associativity with the 3D
Generating BOM including automatic
Generating hole tables, alignment, dimension series
Mapping changes to update the view
Identifying inactive and broken links
Support for user-defined template settings
Views for quick automatic generation
Shaded drawing views
Views reference elements of the model in a drawing
(Coordinate systems, planes, sketches, curves, surfaces)
User-defined line styles, hatches and dimensions

Drawing diagrams

Converting blocks from DWG format

Rich symbol library


19 types including photorealistic rendering, shadows,
Reflections, Ray Traycing
Perspective, Textures, Bumps, Animations

Document viewer

Solid Edge Viewer, Solid Edge View and Markup;
XpresReview; JT2Go