Teamcenter Engineering is a PDM system for data management in preproduction stages of product development. Experience and knowledge applied in its development help while accelerating the innovation process and the introduction of new products. Teamcenter Engineering effectively manages construction and other data, facilitate sharing between different parts of the company and shorten development time and changes. Clear overview of individual works facilitate their reuse in new products.


Teamcenter provides preconfigured processes, easy installation and setup. All this at a very low total cost. Solutions manages the entire product development process and significantly facilitates the work of small and midsize businesses today are facing an explosion of data due to the increasing complexity of products and structures in 3D.

To minimize IT implementation and maintenance costs, the product was designed to function in a standard Microsoft Windows environment and contains a number of preconfigured processes in which UGS has used its expertise in the area cPDM. UGS UGS Teamcenter is compatible with the Teamcenter platform, and enables companies to continuously expand their business activities.

What offers Teamcenter:

  • Prepared queries allow retrieval of data by various criteria. There is also the possibility to easily define your own question.
  • Automatic locking documents while editing ensures the homogeneity and integrity.
  • Revision control gives you full control over changing data.
  • BOM Editor allows you to create hierarchical structures in a simple and intuitive environment.
  • The possibility of combining within the stack of parts created in different CAD systems.
  • Easy to connect various documents to individual works and management of these documents, together with the relevant parts.
  • Predefined workflow helps manage access rights to data while working. At the same time it standardizes approval data.
  • Built visualization allows you to view CAD and other data without the need to launch the appropriate application. Part of visualization is also the possibility of making notes, particularly appropriate during the approval process.
  • Intelligent and configurable access rights management protects data from unauthorized alteration or misuse.
  • The ability to access external collaborators via the web user interface.
  • For the needs of companies with multiple locations, it is possible to combine several databases into Teamcenter distributed environment, thus enabling collaboration and sharing of data between branches.
  • Easy transition the Teamcenter to Teamcenter Engineering without complex data transfers.